This School is Heaven Sent

My son started here in Kindergarten and is nearing the end of his time at GCA. As I reflect back on our experience, I realize what a profound impact this school has had on him. He has been nurtured and encouraged, not just educated. I believe that the love and respect he’s been shown as a student will provide a foundation for his life. He could have learned Math and English at other schools, but he would not have learned as much about himself, or about being a Christian. My son leaves here with not only an academically advanced education but also, the advantage of knowing God’s love.


Loving Christian Environment! Strong Academic Curriculum!

This is our son’s fourth year at Grace Christian Academy. We couldn’t be any happier or more grateful for his experience at this wonderful school. Our son has been immersed in a warm, loving Christian environment, in addition to a strong academic curriculum. GCA represents a stark contrast to today’;s institutionalized public school system. It is a welcome “throw-back” to what elementary school should be for our children.


Grow Spiritually and Academically!

We found Grace Christian Academy back in 2012 after touring several different schools and exploring many different options for our daughter’s kindergarten year. After meeting the faculty and staff at GCA and especially after meeting Mrs. Zapolski and her kindergarten class, we knew without a doubt that it was exactly where we wanted our daughter to experience her first year of school. After watching her grow spiritually and academically so much after just one year, we knew that we could not send our daughter anywhere else. GCA is not just our daughter’s school, they have become a second family to us and we are so thankful for all of the friendships we have made here.


Wonderful Education! Truly Priceless!

You had me at Hello…

I had heard of Grace Christian Academy from my family when I had begun my search for schools for my daughter. My husband and I had enrolled her in a Christian Preschool in Henderson where we live and we were ready to start looking for an Elementary School. My cousins had all four of their daughters enrolled in GCA and gave a good recommendation, and the school was also really close to where my mom worked in Boulder City. The more we looked into the school, the more things we checked off our mental checklist for what we had wanted for our daughter: small class sizes, starting every morning with chapel and having a strong biblical influence in curriculum and instruction, a strong education with lots of one-on-one attention, a comfortable close-knit atmosphere that would help my daughter transition well, and it was more affordable than other Christian schools in the Henderson area and worth the short drive. We made it into the registration spots available for kindergarten and anxiously awaited for the first day of school. When I walked into the Kindergarten classroom and looked around to see so many familiar faces I was instantly comforted. One person in particular stood out, the teacher, Mrs. Zapolski. I grew up in Boulder City and saw Mrs. Zapolski who was my sister’s Kindergarten teacher and she has a wonderful reputation in the community for being a top teacher. I knew my daughter was in excellent hands, and also so many of the parents of these new kindergartner’s were people I had gone to school with! It was like an instant reassurance that we had made the right choice. We have been very happy with our daughter’s educational journey through GCA and our son is now a student as well and excelling. Grace Christian Academy has helped our family in more ways than one. When we fell on difficult financial times they helped us with scholarships so we could keep our children enrolled until we got back on our feet, they have helped to strengthen our faith in our family due to strong reinforcement in our children as our children have become strong prayer leaders. Every teacher has played an amazing role in the lives of each of our children not only in their education but in their confidence and character as Christians. The relationships that we all have with the teachers and the other families at GCA are one’s that we will have for a lifetime. Our children will take with them a wonderful education and so much more that is truly priceless.

Grace A.
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